A roadmap for physician-innovators … this book simply could not be more timely. 

Patrick Brophy, MD
Co-Chief Executive Officer
University of Iowa Health System


I once had a habit of challenging physicians-in-training to examine the role of the health care system in every patient’s story. Skeptical at first, they soon discovered new dimensions to most every case. Trimble challenges physicians not just to recognize system flaws but to fix them, and to treat the system itself as a complicated patient in need of comprehensive care. With so many compelling real-world case studies, this book provides the needed tools. I hope it inspires thousands of physicians. 

Katherine A. Schneider, MD
President and CEO
Delaware Valley Accountable Care Organization


Trimble calls on physicians to lead, not rule. He asks each of us to use our talents to resist the status quo, to take responsibility for building new teams and new systems, and to truly accomplish the goals most of us spoke to when we started our careers. 

Jeffrey Thompson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Gundersen Health System


Trimble is spot on again. We need to challenge and liberate physician-innovators and their teams to tackle the toughest problems in health care, including the proverbial elephant, costs. Restoring the physician leadership model can help attract and retain top talent and truly transform health care for all. 

Vivian S. Lee, MD
Chief Executive Officer
University of Utah Health Care


Chris Trimble has a refreshing and challenging message for physicians. Not only can physicians resume their leadership of health care reform, they must. In an era when many physicians are feeling manipulated, this book offers a blueprint for physician-led teamwork to move us toward a more effective, efficient, and compassionate health care system. 

Richard Deyo MD
Author of Watch Your Back!
Professor of Family Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University


Trimble understands physicians … the way we are feeling and the obstacles we are facing. This is a clear, practical, and engaging guide to making innovation happen. Trimble’s work has been enormously helpful to me. 

Eric Isselbacher, MD
Staff Cardiologist and Director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab
Massachusetts General Hospital


I wish I had read this book fourteen years ago when I started the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers. I would be much further along in my work and the journey wouldn’t have been so difficult. 

Jeffrey Brenner, MD
Executive Director
Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers


I’m excited to see Chris Trimble bring his formidable expertise on innovation to health care delivery. With engaging and inspiring stories, Trimble reveals a path forward, towards better outcomes and experiences for both providers and patients. 

Roy Rosin
Chief Innovation Officer
University of Pennsylvania Health System


Trimble offers an thoughtful and provocative challenge to physicians and senior leaders … to tackle the big issues requiring innovation head on and to discard incrementalism. 

Paul Keckley
Managing Director
Navigant Center for Healthcare Research and Policy Analysis


Health care is in desperate need of innovation and Trimble’s book provides a well-timed prescription. His collaborative approach with defined roles for clinicians and leaders will drive results and improve morale. 

Craig Wright, MD
Senior Vice President, Physician Services
Providence Health and Services


At a time when many doctors are considering leaving medicine, Trimble offers a voice of hope and an innovative approach for how doctors can lead the way to a more collaborative, effective, and sustainable system. 

Heather Fork, MD
Doctor’s Crossing


Chris Trimble sets out to galvanize thousands of physicians across the country to change the way care is delivered. He provides tools, best practices, and examples from innovative medical groups that are leading the charge. 

Donald W. Fisher
President and Chief Executive Officer
American Medical Group Association