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Penicillin, wonder drug of the 1940s, delivered a dramatic double win. It improved medical outcomes and simultaneously slashed costs.

Today’s most potent advances, however, are not pills. They come instead in the form of innovations in the way care is delivered.

Fee-for-service medicine has stood as a formidable barrier to these innovations for decades. Now, thanks to the ongoing transition to value-based payments, there are opportunities for dramatic double wins in every hospital, clinic, and medical condition.

Innovators will emerge from every health profession. It will be daunting to capitalize on the most powerful opportunities, however, without one essential ingredient: physician leadership. For years, many physicians have felt like mere captives in the game of fixing health care. They are no longer pawns, they are prime movers.

How Physicians Can Fix Health Care: One Innovation at a Time is the essential step-by-step guide for physician innovators, their teams, and the senior leaders in their organizations. Rich in examples and grounded in more than 15 years of scholarly research into the best practices for managing innovation inside of established organizations, the book describes exactly how to build new care delivery teams, from scratch, that deliver better care at lower costs.

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