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About the American Association for Physician Leadership®

The American Association for Physician Leadership® is the oldest and largest professional organization solely dedicated to providing leadership education and management training for the physician workforce. Since its founding in 1975 and as the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), the primary focus of the association has been to provide superior education and training for physicians of all types and encouraging them to assume more active roles within leadership and management opportunities of the global health care industry. Beyond the thousands of physicians who receive training annually, the organization has grown an active membership – including chief executive officers, chief medical officers, vice presidents of medical affairs and other leadership physicians in more than 45 countries. The expanding portfolio of the association includes more than 100 courses, numerous certificate programs, four master’s degree programs, a doctorate program in leadership under development and a specialized career support program customized for physicians. All physicians can be considered leaders, at some level. Learn more online at physicianleaders.org, by email at [email protected], on Twitter at @physicianslead or call 800-562-8088.